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Hoping someone on this site can help me!
I would consider myself your average person...grew up in a relatively stable family environment, went to college, began a good career.
When I was in my early 20's, I thought I would be married with kids by 25. Boy, was I wrong! lol
The marriage part happened much later for me, and the kids part has yet to come to fruition :-(
I have always been a giving and generous person. I've been told many times that I am too nice (which I consider a sad state of our social constructs as a society).
The last couple of years has proved really challenging for me. I was laid off for the first time ever and it took me almost 14 months to land a new job (Pandemic!)
Additionally, I am dealing with the realization that I may never be a mother and that this isn't where I expected to be at this point in my life.
Being unemployed has set me back financially and I am struggling to catch up. I can not get a conventional loan as my credit was destroyed when I was forced to file for bankruptcy as a result of being laid off.  The stress of this debt is consuming me and causing me immense mental and physical anguish.

Is there anyone out there who can help me?$commongal

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Hoping someone on this site can help me! - by Common Gal - 12-27-2021, 10:15 PM

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