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Help Me Put An End To My Eviction Nightmare
Hello there,

My name is Gabriel from Nairobi, Kenya. I work as a content writer but for the past few months work has been slow. So, I've been really struggling to pay my rent in full. However, my arrears have been snowballing. And until 2 weeks ago my rent arrears were $240. I have managed to pay off $60. 

However, now my situation has turned into a nightmare since my landlady has decided to evict me at the end of the month if I cannot come up with the $180 remaining. I'm giving it my best but I'm not sure I can raise that amount of money given how my work situation is. 

I've already made some sacrifices to pay as much as I can. I decided not to pay for my internet despite the fact that I need it for work. My neighbor has agreed to lend me her Wi-Fi. I'm also taking one meal every two days to cut down on my food budget and gas bill.

I'm really at my limit here that's why I've decided to ask for help from well wishers. Any small amount that helps me pay off my rent will be greatly appreciated.

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Help Me Put An End To My Eviction Nightmare - by iamgabriel - 10-12-2021, 05:13 PM

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