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help me and my dogs run from WAR in Ukraine
Hi! I am Olena and my dogs - Chester (dark Siberian Husky), Jasmin (grey Siberian Husky) and Kira (Doberman) had to leave our home in Kyiv after the Russian invasion of our country. 

I took my old car, took my dogs, some basic clothes and some food for dogs and drive to the nearest border. 
In 3 days we crossed 2000km and 3 countries and got to Slovakia.

At the moment I am looking for a job around here and my dogs are with me.

if you are able to help to cover some food for docs and help to pay rent till I get my first salary that would be very helpful.

Please check my instagram account:
If you have a pet shop service, dog accessories maker, or you need models for your goods or services, please text me in DM, so we may help each other

also if you are willing to donate:


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