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Helpless and hopeless after my first greatest achievement
I bought my very first car four months back and it was ine of the greatest feeling I've ever felt, making my mother very proud but all that ended on the 28th of December 2021. My car was involved in a car accident and it was unisured as I was still looking around for the most affordable insurance for me. Damage was also done to private property and I had to borrow money from friends and family to pay for the damages.My car was towed to a panel beater and that is where it continues to sit, until I can cone up with the money. The parts are expensive and it is being charged a daily rate, I do not have the money, and I just feel shattered my happiness lived for so short. I could end up losing it as the debt accumulates to which eventually I definitely won't be able to have my car back. I'm  a contract worker and things have been hard due to Covid, I pray that if anyone anywhere could lend me a helping hand, no matter how little to have my car fixed and back, I would highly and be forever grateful. Thank you

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