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I got life changing disease at the age of 33
As a hobby I’m a stand up comedian. For work, I was a restaurant manager. Four years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (very rare for my age, 5% chance). Along with a pancreas that no longer works I also have the ‘luxury’ of having random bouts of chronic pancreatitis. This year alone I spent 4 months in the hospital due to infections that don’t heal right, or chronic pancreatitis (extremely painful might I add). I live with my beautiful girlfriend in Vancouver Canada. Our rent is $1800 a month and my medications cost about another $400 a month (surgeries and overnights at the hospital are always free. But getting prescriptions for insulin, needles, blood sugar testers, and other medications to handle my triglycerides, acid reflux and pain medications add up fast). 

My gorgeous girlfriend has been paying rent and covering my medications. I haven’t been able to work full time for over a year. I would just like to ask 2 things. Enough money to pay my part of the rent and something extra for a nice weekend away for us so I can show her how much I love her. I’ve figured I can pay a bit of rent, buy meds, and maybe take my girl out on a nice road trip. Probably around $5000 all in. She has no idea I’m doing this. But if i could surprise her after all she’s done for me then this is worth it. 

Thank you,

Paul Mari

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