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Disabled Mom Needs Help - mthebarge - 03-28-2024

Hello. I am a mom of two children ages 12 and 15. I have been sick for most of their lives, so they have never been able to go on a vacation like the other kids their age. Now they are being make fun of because they never go anywhere for spring break. They also get made fun of because I am in a wheelchair. I feel so guilty and helpless. I am on disability so our income all goes towards bills. There is never anything left. There's never any money to save towards taking them to the beach. They have only seen the ocean once, but they were too young to remember it. I want this year to be different. I want them to be able to be excited about going on an actual spring break like their friends. I am asking for $2000 (or anything you can spare) which would pay for gas, food and a hotel. I also want to be able to take them on excursions while at the beach and get them each a souvenir, I want to take them to Myrtle Beach, SC. Hotels are reasonable but still expensive. This is a last-minute plea as their spring break starts tomorrow. Please help me if you can. I want to make this year's break special for them. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

RE: Disabled Mom Needs Help - Sierra - 04-30-2024

Hmm, did you ever ask a local nonprofit to drive you and your kids to the beach without cost of a hotel or even if hotel in theory is needed maybe a nonprofit could serve that wish of yours to come true. You did not state if any of your kids are any way disabled... If its not the case then you might ask nonprofit anyway if friend or family members can't help?