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Help - alikaka - 11-08-2023

Hello everyone, I’m faced with a problem that I can’t build muscle mass, help me find some vitamins or nutritional supplements

RE: Help - toxatyt - 11-08-2023

This is a popular problem that many men face and buy testosterone came to my aid, since many athletes take testosterone drugs in the hope of gaining the coveted muscle corset as soon as possible. I think it will help you since it is a proven drug and it is not toxic, use it

RE: Help - alikaka - 11-08-2023

I once read reviews about testosterone, but I couldn’t decide whether I needed it and whether there were any contraindications for me, but thanks to you, I’ll try it anyway

RE: Help - toxatyt - 11-08-2023

I have been taking testosterone for a long time and I can see the results after a very short time.