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Trying my best - Kmom26 - 11-17-2022

Hi. I’m a single mom of two, trying to pay rent from this month until January. Due to my second pregnancy/child (he’s eight months now) I lost my dog walking business in upstate NY. I’ve been trying to budget and juggle what I had saved but it’s gone. Gotta love Connecticut living (sarcasm). 
I can only be honest here, I really need help paying the bills right now. I never thought I’d be here in this situation, I’ve never been in debt and would like it to remain that way. My rent is $750 per month, and my gas bill due to heat is anywhere between $114-$163 per month - I try to keep it off as much as possible and just bundle up the kids and myself. I’m also trying to regain my business but not many people want you to bring your infant…
Please, anything at all helps. I appreciate this so much in advance. Attached is my PayPal link. Thanks you again, best wishes to all. 

KMom26 PayPal