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Detroit: Become Human is a big budget visual novel - rodeoneerer - 11-16-2022

Detroit: Become Human posits a well-worn future, when androids have become so lifelike and so deeply integrated into human society that surely it's only a matter of time and circumstance until they break through to the other side and achieve consciousness. There isn't much time spent examining how such a seemingly preventable event might be possible; Detroit is primarily focused on androids' experiences during the process of their awakening, and their shock when looking at humanity with eyes unclouded for the first time. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide how they react in the face of adversity.

Before we get caught up in its own delusions of grandeur, it's worth remembering that Detroit is just another of Quantic's glossy, goofy, ambitious experiments in interactive cinematic storytelling, like Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls - and worth stating that it's the most successful of these by far. The story is coherent and persuasively told, avoiding Cage's trademark last-act lunge into nonsense. It's systematically sound enough to be enjoyed as a video game, too.

As the story begins, you’ll guide the journey of three very different androids - Markus, a carer who is treated less like a slave and more like a person; Kara, a housekeeper re-entering a broken and abusive home; and Connor, an advanced model designed to investigate the rising numbers of androids rejecting their programming in favour of independent ‘deviancy’ - as they each attempt to forge their own destiny.

The discussion is a valid one to have given the context at hand, but the way that the social disparity between humans and androids is conveyed in Detroit is such an on-the-nose series of references to the American Civil Rights Movement that it's hard not to to be taken aback. Androids are forced into the back of buses, segregated from some public areas and private establishments, and made to use the stairs instead of escalators… for some reason. When Markus rallies other rebellious androids and you get to pick their protest slogan, you are actually given the option to choose "we have a dream." These references are distracting, and at no point does it feel justified to lift from the history of actual people who've suffered--and continue to suffer--in the real world.

Like previous Quantic Dream games, Detroit is a technical tour-de-force, featuring extraordinarily lifelike rendering and nuanced performance capture; Digital Foundry's John Linneman argues, rightly, that it's a rare and exciting example of cutting-edge technology being brought to bear to create something more intimate than the usual vast playgrounds. Detroit in 2038 is convincingly realised in the richly textured locations and credible technologies. It's neither utopia nor dystopia, and it's recognisable as our world.

At times it’s often more of a big budget visual novel than a full-on ‘game’, but, nevertheless, its themes, twists and ever-evolving character arcs will likely stay with you long after you put your DualShock 4 controller down.

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