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Rental storage - Misti73 - 08-19-2022

Hello I'm in the process of looking for a place to live. I had my belongings stored in the garage  at friend's house because I could not  afford to pay for a storage unit.  
         I had to remove my belongings because the roof was leaking so I had to get a storage unit that I could not afford. I have made partial payments just to keep keep me from losing my storage unit. Everything I own along with memories that can not be replaced is on that storage unit. I'm a good honest woman who is normally happy,but I'm in dire need of help. Can someone help me pay my storage unit? I will pay the money back once I get on my feet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

RE: Rental storage - Seessishe1964 - 07-08-2024

Whether it's a detached workshop, an attached garage with integrated storage solutions, or a multifunctional space for vehicles and hobbies, Nashville garage builders offer tailored solutions to suit every homeowner's vision. For more info visit They bring extensive expertise to each project, using top-quality materials and innovative construction techniques to ensure durability and longevity. Collaborative consultations allow them to understand clients' specific requirements, from space utilization to architectural integration.

RE: Rental storage - Sierra - 07-08-2024

My dad has a storage unit here in McMinnville Oregon. Ask Self stor in McMinnville Oregon if they have available unit.