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Website making - Xiande - 06-08-2020

I know the site is probably oversaturated with guys who know how this thing is doneĀ 

If anyone have some free time...and like to help me make a simple site for my charity organisation,I would really appreciate it!

RE: Website making - Allcopstan - 06-09-2020

Just use WordPress And make your own website.

RE: Website making - Scinetic - 06-13-2020

You have two options: a) it is to make the site yourself using WordPress and b) it is to order a site from someone. I strongly recommend the second option because this way you are the sole owner of the site and can do whatever you want with it. You also need to connect encryption to your site. If you didn't notice the lock next to the url this is the level of encryption. People unknowingly trust a site that has a green lock. All you need to do is buy a ssl certificate. Good luck with your business!

RE: Website making - ediiie - 01-04-2022

You can simply develop a website using pre-built themes or choose a UI/UX design company or SaaS development company to get a website and app with better customization.

RE: Website making - emily125 - 01-13-2022

Website development is a way to make people aware of the services and or products you are offering. A responsive business site attract more people, that's why I'm taking professional website design services in affordable budget.