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Debt to friend. - BrokeBloat - 04-13-2016

Hello FreeBeg

I never thought i would have to come on the internet and beg for cash, but today, i figured i'd give it a shot.

Ok, so here is the story, my friend Roy loaned 50 bucks to me on the 1st of April for some personal expenses, i told Roy that i was looking for a job this month and that i would have one by at least the 20th, but so far, i've not been successful in this endeavor, i've borrowed from people before and been late to pay them back, but i dont want to make a bad impression on my new friend this early, its hard enough to make good friends because of my SA, let alone having people think i am not loyal to my debts.

If you could donate $50 USD to my PayPal i would very much appreciate the help and i can even return the money in due time, when i start my new job.

PM me if you wish to help me pay this debt.