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Family Destitute Please Help - RevJATB - 03-14-2016

I have not had a paycheck since the end of January. I was selling insurance and they moved me from salary plus commission to commission-only without any warning, so no paycheck because I did not have any new clients. I only started in November and they told me not to expect to make any money the first 6 months,  then less than 2 months in, they did this to me!

I have been trying everything I can think of to earn money while I look for other jobs: I have been trying to do odd jobs for people and also selling eBooks online, and selling off as many possessions as I can.

It is Sunday night as I write this and my family needs at least $500 by tomorrow! I am in another state looking for work, and their phone has been cut off, so I have no way to contact them! And all the other bills are past due too, and they are almost out of food.

I have contacted local churches and charities for help, but since I am in one state (came here to try to find work!) and they are in another, they say they cannot help.  My heart aches for my children. I am powerless right now to help them.

I have a job interview on Wednesday so I hope this is a temporary situation, but right now they are DEEPLY IN NEED. Please, please help. Thank you.

Here is the donate link. I am praying some people will see this and will help my family. Thank you in advance.