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I beg U please help us escape this city. - thegoodsharer - 02-27-2016

I'm in allot of emotional pain and I have been for especially 1.5 years ago after me and my son relocated to this city Louisville, KY.  Neither of us can bare to live here any longer.  Got tossed of the bus tonight just for getting a little sniffy with the bus driver over the transfer.  Her friend riding the bus muttered vile words at me after we sat down.  Another bus driver was even more mean and dictatorial to us only a few days ago.  Living here is causing us much suffering.  In addition our location is a very unhappy one.  We live very nearby drug dealers and we hear gun shots right outside our apartment.  We can't mentally deal with this place any longer.  Could some kind person(s) out there please help me and my son leave this terrible place.    Angry Sad Cry If you can help us please help via our paypal at link
The page will say Justin Bryson and has a pic of 2 kittens on it and you put in the amount and click next to donate to us.  Thank you friends![attachment=16]