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Living in my car - Feline13 - 12-04-2015

I am now living in my car,out of money,don't know what to do,what a birthday.

RE: Living in my car - admin - 12-05-2015

Happy birthday! It doesn't sound like a great way to spend it though. Have you checked local churches or other charities for help? Also finding a temporary job can get your foot in the door for a permanent job, if you don't already have one. What types of thing do you like to do? Maybe we can come up with a way for you to make money doing what you like to do.

RE: Living in my car - Feline13 - 12-07-2015

I have a job,it's just everything is so expensive here,trying to get into a place they want first,last and security.I'm trying to get enough money to get into my own place.