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Texas Winter Storm Victim need help
Hi my name is Christine, thanks for taking the time out to consider our family. We were hit by the winter storm in texas and all of our furniture and some fabric items could not be salvaged. Due to mold and they say do not keep flooded items. As our pipes burst in our house above the ceiling water went all over. Ruining almost everything. We washed what we could but some appliances were damaged as well.

All we are asking is whatever you want to donate.
Amazon E gifts cards help so we can order matress and bed frames to our house
canned goods from amazon fresh as fridge does not freeze anymore

uber as they deliver groceries

we need canned foods and water desperatley. Also just e gift cards from amazon so we can replace the beds and basic furniture like dining table, to eat on for now till we work and save to recoperate on this. The cost is over welming and insurance only covers to repair the water burst and water restoration.

now the items damaged through the pipe burst

not asking anything but canned goods foods water and e gift cards thats it

god bless he said in bible ask you shall recieve seek and you shall find. Is this true?

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