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Help Me to Escape a False Reality!
Hi my Name is Craig Znamenak and here is my story...

Something happened to the world Dec 2020 and I want to figure out what that was! Is there really a breakaway civilization running the show? Is there really a matrix of light and consciousness and you attract only what you focus on and feel? Is time real? Do we really manifest things from our imagination? Something happened and it completely changed the way that I view life in general. Everything seems connected to everything else. 

All I want to do is to escape my current reality which seems to hold me in the same spot. Trust me I am trying everything! This is just another way of trying. I need to achieve the freedom to research reality itself and the way the system is setup is to keep me in the same spot and to keep me distracted from finding out. The funds would allow me the freedom to research what I am passionate about and find puzzling, "the nature of reality".  I would be so grateful for the donations and this would mean everything to me! I love to solve a challenging puzzle. If I were to find out more I would share it with the world! I think this could benefit everyone if I were to solve this puzzle.

In the short term I would use the funds to change my life situation. I have an abusive codependent partner and have 3 children. I need to pay off my trailer before I loose it. I would donate it to my partner because she really probably wound not be able to afford the payments and lot rent. If there are any funds left over I would get my own place. This would make me free to be able to go out on my own and discover reality itself! We are all connected in some way guys! I wish to know more with this life! I cant though at the moment because of my introverted personality and the codependent relationship. The only way I can see out of this is to have enough money to escape!

Here are a few ways to donate:

Crypto  Addresses (the money of the future!):

Bitcoin: bc1q64thhmx0euqapdfydjfh8jrq6as572ups3n7d6

DOGE Coin: DM69vDWQfPCM1Y3QcZtaJdniaSeV3VRY6g

I am asking for a little help. You know who you are  Angel

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