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Please help my kids and I get to a safe place

[Image: 54833320_1614039036474394_r.jpeg][Image: 54833320_1614039057141227_r.jpeg][Image: 54833320_1614039079500345_r.jpeg]
(update, we are at a shelter but the men are way creepy.. We are in my vehicle tonight parked outside the shelter still needing help please)

(trigger warning)

Hello I'm just looking for help to get my kids and me relocate to a safe apartment aI finally left my abusive kids father of 7 years.. Last 3 were absolute hell..
Just a little about why I finally left, he had 2 guys rape me because I put him in jail I have the texts of him admitting to it and he's still not behind bars.
He's in las cruces nm, but has traveled to find me and my kids before..
My parents passed away within 4 months of eachother last year, I also just lost my older sister the day after Thanksgiving recently . I'm so lost guys. But I'm out, I made it and my kids are safe.
Ive had to get a motel room twice on this travel from nm to wv because i have 3 kids under 5 it's been rough, all I have is 4 duffles, 3 car seats and my kiddos.
Im almost on E and we are kinda just parked trying to figure something out, we slept in a shelter last night and seen a guy shooting up as we walked out ‍ ... If anyone is willing to help me and my babies could really use it. 
This is already beyond embarrassing, I feel like I should say sorry for even asking but I'm desperate. I just want to relocate to a safe apartment for my babies and me. 
Thanks again even just for taking the time to read my post.
Prayers are just as good.. Always just as good as anything else. 

My cashapp is $bulletproofqueen 
My paypal is

if your have a police report you can apply for crimes victim compensation they pay for relocating fees such as apt or place to rent. I would write a letter to remax century 21..... to see if they have properties where owners would help but the crimes victim compensation program

that is what they are there for

you need to get a protective order against him

its called a restraining order for domestic violence victims

there are many shelters good them online for domestic voilence free housing

where its only women and children allowed. to protect them its free and ask your local churches for help

I have a friend same situation she went to shelter for battered women and also had help with crime victims compensation to pay for her new apt . you need a restraining order first to protect you from him

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