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Help this poor girl out
Hello y’all! 
   My name is Melissa. I unfortunately lost my job a couple months back. And I don’t qualify for unemployment because of the situation I was in. I have 2 birds and 2 dogs and a horse to feed. I’m living with family right now. I have been applying to jobs left and right and I’m not getting any answers. I am in desperate need of some assistance if anyone would love to donate to someone in need. I still have bills to pay. And I literally have sold everything I could to help on my end. I feel so awful doing this. I don’t have health insurance and I should because I have an Atrial Flutter that I have to watch. I have been in the hospital for it because of passing out for the fast rate my heart likes to put out. I’ve had surgery and it keeps coming back even though they say it should go away. My anxiety is through the roof, and I just need some help, especially after this winter storm Texas had. We were out of power and water for 3 days and the house got down to the 40’s..  Thank you so much ?

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