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Please help, I need to raise money for school.
Angel Hello,
My name is Tim Voigt.  Coronavirus has made victims of us all.  It has caused many to descend into desperation and unfortunately I have fell victim to.  I have been unemployed for 3 months, but I survive by my wits on food pantry and odd jobs wherever I find them.  I am in need of money to finance school and to pay bills.  My funds and income just do not supply my needs.  For this I need to reach out and ask for your help.  Many people are prosperous and they have a lot of extra money lying around.  Do they really need it?  Many are desperate and donations go along way to surviving.  If you could spare anything, just even pocket change, this can go along way.  My goals are modest, just $20,000 can achieve my dreams.  I am not a scammer out to rob anyone.  I am not a lowlife out to steal from anyone.  I sincerely need help, your help, whatever help.  I can only ask.  Please find any goodness in you to give, it will mean so much.  Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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