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Bosch Fridge Nightmare - any advice?
We have had a Bosch Linea Series B22CS50SN for less than 3 years, and it was working fine. Last month, the freezer was running a little warm, keeping most items frozen, besides popcicles and ice cream, and making ice slowly.
We contacted bosch, and they gave me a list of authorized repair places. I had one come out, he said it was fine, just cleaned in the back and charged $133.
The whole unit stopped working it seems as soon as he left. We had to throw out a lot of food, and shove what was salvageable in our small basement fridge.
They came out a 2nd time and said it was a circuit board, which the part would be covered by warranty (not the labor). They said the compressor was fine.
A week and a half later, they came to install the new circuit board, and that didn't fix it. He ordered a 2nd circuit board (he said there were 3 total).
They came out today to install the 2nd circuit board, and not surprisingly, it didn't fix anything. He said before he put it in that my new charges would be $230 for labor. He didn't mention the charges after he failed to fix it, and said he'd order the 3rd circuit board.
Tonight, I got a call from their receptionist (a terrible woman to work with this whole time), and she said that now it's the compressor, and it will be another $450 for labor, $650 for the part, and I still owe them $230.
I really distrust them. First, there are 2 compressors on my unit. Two different repairmen repeatedly said that the compressor was not the problem. It's been 3 weeks, and they've been bad with scheduling and not at all compassionate. I feel like they're really trying to rip me off, and there's no way I want to pay over a thousand dollars on a fridge that I don't even know would fix the problem.
Do I have any options or am I just screwed?
I tried to research the heck out of this purchase and buy a good quality fridge. I am sick of the thought of paying close to the purchase price to fix it less than 3 years after purchasing it.
It feels like they just keep charging and not fixing anything. My dh wonders if they just said it's the compressor so they can keep charging us labor, and even if we say no, they've still made almost $400 for not fixing it at all (and the fridge was working perfectly before they touched it).
Thanks for any advice you have!

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