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Too much volume or not enough ?
I am running the original 3 days a week Texas Method now for a while
Got my Deadlift up from 335 for 5 to 445 for 1.

I don't know why but my Deadlift got "stalled" first.
I am still squatting for 3x2
and still benching for 2x3
Deadlift feels much much much harder each time, and by harder I mean hard in a bad way not in a good way like the rest of the movements.

I followed Paul Horn suggest for the Texas Method and started with Deadlift 3x5 (85%) on volume day and than 1x5 on intensity.
and when the numbers on the intensity go down you add extra back off set and the volume day percentage go down as well...

I really want to know, for me, and for programming in general, when I know when I am doing too much volume so Its stop me from progressing or not enough so I can make progress ? what are the signs ?
As someone whose ran 3 and 4 day Texas Method, it's not going to give you long term success. It's a long taper and eventually your Deadlift is going to fall again. You should look elsewhere for programming info.
I can tell you that you did well. I also engaged in bodybuilding, and is closely linked with the sport. It took a lot of effort to reach your level. BUT I know how to improve your results the answer to this is stanoil this tool will multiply the result of your training many times

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