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Need to Get Out of this Hole
Greetings, I am just taking a chance. I am a 35 year old female. I am a full time Special Education teacher and I recently started working part time on weekends at a group home. I am also working towards starting my side tutoring business (possible focus is adults preparing for GED/ Adults with disabilities) and working on an Ear Training class (Music Theory) I honestly mismanaged my funds and now I am trying to get myself out of the hole I created. I am behind on monthly bills and I am always in the negative. My plan is to come up with a budget and become financially literate but it's hard to do that when I am playing catch up. I have debt as well but I believe I can negotiate and consolidate those bills. Anything will help. ($3000 will help me catch up on my monthly bills) Thank you in advance. And if not, thank you for your time.


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