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Left in debt by cheating fiancé
So I wouldn't normally do anything like this but as everyone knows, times are extremely tough.

I was in a long term relationship with my ex fiance, we were planning our wedding and took out a loan to sort our short term debt as well as set us up for wedding bills. They did not have the best credit score and not working so it was all in my name as were every credit contract (sofa, tv, credit card ect). 

7 months before the date of the wedding I found out that she was sleeping with another guy. This broke me, not only the cheating aspect but the fact that it was a boy she cheated with when we were in a same sex couple. 

Moving on from then, I was manipulated to let her and her friend have the flat that was under both our names. I wasn't aware she took her name off the property until I handed my keys back, which resulted in her and her friend leaving rent arrears, council tax arrears and utility bill arrears. 

I was left broken emotionally and financially. 

This all happened between Dec 19 / Mar 20.

Since then I have struggled but managed to clear the council tax and utility arrears and almost cleared the rent arrears but when it comes to the credit side, I'm struggling soo much to the point it is affecting my mental health (I have support from the doctor). 

I have also had advice that because it was my name, I have no right to ask her to make any payment to anything. 

At the age of 26 and left with over 14000 worth of debt because I didn't realize I was being finically abused, I need a fresh start and help doing so. 

If and only if you can, please help me get my life back

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