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Car Repossessed - 25 Year Old Female
Hello everyone! 

Yesterday my car was repossessed by my credit union. Because of covid-19, money has been incredibly tight. I am on unemployment and have struggled to find a new job in retail. My city does not have many job openings in general.  

I missed a car payment in December. With late fees, I owe $900. I do not know how much the impound fees will cost. I am estimating around $1500? Tomorrow I am calling to try to get my vehicle back, but I do not have the funds to bring my account to current. Any funds received would be greatly appreciated. 

I am incredibly embarrassed to be in this predicament. I am good with my money and have great credit. I am listing my Venmo and PayPal below. 

Much love - Veronica 

Venmo - @V_WhiteWhite2021 
PayPal - @vwhite2021

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