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Unable to sync with Samsung S20
New Galaxy S20 not sync with Charge 2 
Having to use old IPhone to sync
Not good enough Fit Bit
I have had syncing issues from day one with my fit bit versa light. I have had my s20 Plus and Fitbit together since March 2020. It is now November 2020 and I am having the same issue again Each time I have a problem syncing to my phone I have to uninstall the app, reinstall the app, allow all the permissions, turn on and off my fit bit and then I can usually get it to sync. Humungous pain in the a** for sure!
This is a common problem, I had a similar situation. I've had problems syncing since day one with my fit bit versa light. I solved this problem by carefully studying the SAMSUNG SMARTPHONES USER MANUALS here . And now everything is fine. Recently received updates.
Wow.. that's a big deal as for me

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