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How to train for 10 hours or longer, do i need endurance?
I do 12 sets for each exercise, 10 second breaks, i train 4 to 6 hours 3 to 5 times a week, i want to train 6 to 7 times a week. I want to mostly be able to shadow box for a long time
Honestly you should not be doing weights and straining your muscles 6-7 times a week for that many hours at a time. You are more likely to tear something and be unable to perform whatever it is that you do with your muscles/competitions/fighting. Which can lead to surgeries and set backs. Also that burn you feel because after approx. 3 secs and this is for EVERY HUMAN BEING, you feel a burn which is a natural acid that causes you to lose strength and your body needs to repair your tissues when you work and strain your muscles.
I would recommend a professional trainer who has knowledge OF/IN endurance training because everyone can handle different things at different intervals of time.

Just make sure you rest your body and do upper and lower separately so there is rest for one area every other day. massage

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