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Hit hard by Covid

Little backstory on myself, I’m 19(20 in two months) I had a brain tumor when I was 6 and lost my pituitary gland. As of now I have 4 medical conditions; panhypopituitarism, diabetes insipidus, type 2 diabetes, and asthma. I need help getting diabetic supplies. I need sensors for my cgm and want to try and get a better one that’s more accurate. The sensors for my current cgm cost around $80 and last two weeks. The college I was going to was getting them for me but after covid hit and everything switched online, and I moved back in with my parents because my lease was almost up and I didn’t have anymore VA benefits, it was kind of hard to get them to buy more for me. Covid hit me really hard. I was in school as a culinary major, didn’t really make many friends, and couldn’t go out much because I had gotten my first job and had school. When Covid really hit, I had to stop working because I have a compromised immune system and I’m high risk of getting Covid, so I couldn’t work, classes switched to all online and my lease was almost up so, I had to move back in with my parents. During all of this my car was damaged three times, a tire blew two times, and I got in a fender bender and had to pay out $2000, and as of today my maintenance light is on, this hasn’t been my year for cars. Anyways, I really need some money for supplies and for my car and a few other things, if you can help email me or send money via PayPal or Cash app ( Anything helps, thank you!


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