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Assistance/We have no reliable Income
I don't qualify for PUA because the last time I worked was too long ago and I was either fired or I quit. My fiance has a deputy on his case because his last job said that he quit which he did not, he was released on medical leave, I was there when he took the doctor note in. We are a struggling family, my fiancé has PTSD, severe anxiety and depression. He also has really bad kidneys and can't lift over 15 lbs which means he can't bend over and pick up our daughter, and sometimes requires my help as well. I can't get a job because of this, as well as not having a car. Any help would be appreciated. Due to the coronavirus were going to need much more help! Thank you all! 

If you can't donate please message me, I will send my PayPal moneypool to you for you to share with friends and family!

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