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Incontinent Products
Hi this is Celeste- a/k/a/ see see  

My Dad transitioned back in 2017 and I have a lot of incontinent products
left over from his personal belongings.

If any one out there can use them please contact me at :

They are boxed and never been opened. Each box contains 100 disposable under garments/pull ups.

Sized: Large. -  I also have boxes of  disposable  lining under pads for beds or chairs, sealed and never been opened.
Each box of under pads has 3 bags and each bag contains 50 pads.

All of these items are in mint condition. My asking price is $50.00 for disposable garments
My asking price for disposable under pads are $55.00

You can also contact my pay pal account at: pay pal. me/Celeste's Donation Station
submit your contact name and address and which purchase and purchase price.

I will handle the shipping cost and ship your items.

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