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Please help if you can
I am disabled and having a hard time.  I really even hate asking for help with the virus going around.  But I need help paying bills and getting groceries.  I need about five hundred dollars to pay for immediate needs.  I'm not very good at making messages but feel free to leave comments asking any questions and I can answer them.  Thank you.  And stay safe!

You can donate$MLKane

Sites will give me a little if you join with my referral and you get some too!  If 100 people join it will help me pay off a lot of debt.  And signing up is free.

1.   Mr.Rebates get money back from what you buy, $5 dollar when you sign up!

2.  Ebates You get $10 after spending at least $25

3.    Get $5 dollars Referral Code, VTPVVWH

4.  BeFrugal Get $10 for signing up.

5.  Giving Assistant get $5 just for joining with my link


7.      Get bit coins free.  Takes a while but will add up.

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