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Crippling depression for over a year got me into unemployment and debt
I had been struggling as an actor with just a few assignments over 6 years after a more or less accidental entry into films(South Indian).I used to work for an Australian bpo alongside back then..Have been off work for over a year because of a rather crippling episode of clinical depression.Gotten better now with medication though.My dad is a retiree and most of our savings were spent in actually pulling through the years of unemployment.I'm the only daughter to my parents.

 Our debts have got us burdened further; almost 5 lakhs and just the monthly EMI payoffs alone add upto about Rs 30,000 which is way too much for us in the current situation.All our gold and our land has already been pledged.In a culture where self sufficiency is everything and nobody believes in extending a helping hand,would be ever greatful if someone could help us steer through this.

My paypal link is
Hello, I have read your post and I think instead of asking money from someone else better start working yourself. Your English really good and it will easy for you to crack an interview for any call center or you can also try for the job in top resume services. I am sure you will get a job easily and then you don't need to ask for money from anyone.

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