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"Burgundyglo" Rickenbacker
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks a lot for taking your time for reading my post. I appreciate it.

I turned 28 last month, living inthe suburbs of Zurich in Switzerland. I work as a shoemaker in the city, my hobbies include literature, art design, 3D modelling and music.

Well, music is a big part of my life, since almost eleven years I deal with vintage guitar parts and accessories internationally. Ever since I'm  a collector and seller of vintage case candy like straps, cables, strings, manuals/tags and more.

My addiction to musical instruments, especially vintage 1950's-70's electric guitars/basses, started to grow after I played in a (high school)-band. Since then I was looking out for a vintage instrument. That resulted with buying an 1967 Rickenbacker 330/6 from an German musician, when I was turning 21. I got it for a in Europe rare and low price, fortunately he kept it in near mint conditions and never had any modifications done. It was the best playing instrument I was able to hold in my hands. Now I understood imediately why so many musicians in the 1960's have choosen Rickenbackers (The Beatles, The Byrds, It's All Meat, MC5, The Who, Jefferson Airplane ...).

But my luck soon was stopped by a heavy accident (I broke my right leg several times, almost lost it), whose recovery took almost two years (another half a year without screws and plates in my bones). Unfortunately, in order to continuing paying my bills and hospitality taxes, I had to appart from my Rickenbacker. It was kind of hurtful, but I kept making music with my acoustic guitar, a birthday present for my 10th birthday. I never had an electric guitar ever since, because with my low income as a shoemaker I can barely even put away some money for vacation. I don't go out for partiying on weekends anymore, but I somehow need a valve to release stress after work. Playing guitar always has been my best medicine for it.

I kind of miss the easy playability of Rickenbacker. The problem is, that since my 330 I haven't found another onet o try out: Rickenbackers don't seem to be very popular in Switzerland and are hard to find. Since a couple of years I'm watching out for the Model 360/6, one of Rickenbackers altime bestseller I guess. I never played one, but would like to change that somehow.

I've found some vintage examples that are on sale and available for fair prices. Their finish color is "Burgundyglo": first issued by Rickenbacker in late 1968 as a custom color they're no longer offering. That's sad, because this color always looked just right on  their instruments, especially on 360-375 models. Rickenbackers in Burgundyglo are very rare and notoftenseen. Until know I could call myself very lucky since the examples below are on sale since almost a year and haven't been sold to anyone yet. I'm not sure for how long they will be available. But my thinking was, that I at least should try to ask for help before it's to late. If I wouldn't have triedit, I really would regret it for a long time. That's how much those instruments mean to me, and I'm blessed to know that out there are still a few of them.

01. 1973 Rickenbacker 360/6 "Burgundyglo" (Japan), ¥268,000 (c. $2436) + $180 shipping = $2616


02. 1976 Rickenbacker 360/6 "Burgundyglo", $2499 + $160 shipping = $2659


03. 1974 Rickenbacker 360/6 "Burgundyglo" (Netherlands), 3490€ (c. $4127) + $130 shipping = $4257


There's only one available in Europe since a long time. Switzerland, as far as I know, only has one early 80's Burgundyglo 360 regristered. It isn't my goal to start any music career, but I want to get in touch with vintage electric guitars more often, also and finally to hold and play my lifetime dream instrument. If one of the shown instruments above one day should belong my own, I'd like to regrister it on

So if you're interested in helping me with bringing a Burgundyglo 360 into my life, you may donate here:

In regards to that, I want to thank everybody forward for your donations and wish you all the best.

Thanks and blessings,


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