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Free Money For Targeted Individuals.

This video is from my other YouTube channel.  The link below is needed to become a product reviewer. This is information used by corporations to get free products and its 100% legal.

I do not know how long Media Fire will host this file but hope its stays up for along time.  I also want TI's to know grants exist to help you get jobs and employments like the Pell Grant which can be filed online and many non profits and even work force centers offer money for education. In 10 months I had access to over $40,000 in grant money for school just for asking and taking the time to take test to see if I was eligible.

Quite a few online jobs here.

Need this I heard to work as a Search  Engine Evaluator.

Online Captioning job:

You may want to check out clinical trials in your area don't take any medications that can cause issues in the future.  I have met people that have done minor stuff like taking a sugar placebo in a clinical trail and earned a few thousand for doing minor stuff that poses no threat to your health. DO NOT TAKE MEDS THROUGH CLINICAL TRAILS. SOME PEOPLE HAVE FUTURE ISSUES.

Peace and never give up.

About me : 

My name is Robert  I am a targeted individual and the real deal. My Youtube videos and information share in the mass abuse of community oriented policing and gang stalking promoted through our system covertly. 

My Main YouTube Page:

Exposing Citizens Corps and its programs.

More Stalking in the community.

Proof Of Sonic Attacks.

Information they do not want you to know

Bit Coin


Please give this threat a good rating peace and please share this information with other people.  The information be shared is information that our system and many governments do not want being shared with the general population.  These gang stalking operations are kept hush hush. 

If you can send a prayer my way.

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