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I just got a new car. so the cost was 3700 dollars.   I do not have the money for the car. I now have lost my lump sum of money. my father thinks I am  on the right path. to building money though if that was true then why he never pay me real income of the family business people.  for all the years over the time. of the entirety. and now he wips out the bm. and says I make 1000 dollars of the intitlement. I promise! can you just understand that or do I need to force the knowledge. in aplitude.  so now I do not get to start to build my home that ive waited for more then honestly years . over and over. do you understand the  the actuall game he is playing with my emotions. where in life do I go. here and wait my whole life as he receives. the actuall means to move successful life up in standard. or where. NO WHERE! thank you very much venetian productions and cbl. the worst thing is that they used gov action against me.  no offence because I rmember being extremely wealthy with both of them. and so now as im asking you to help me. with the knowledge that I now some may know who I am with the risk. of the action.  I cant leave out the other people famous and wealthy lords shocking enough, that aware as I am the plan to my life another type of clever suriside attempt of the penny you save is the penny you keep. for keep sake. as I ask you for help I do now ask you right now to help me again with this. for ive asked so many to help me. to give to my dad. to understand the holder of the house hold is the robber.  is the gay one from the start. the cheater. the hacker. how much more. the hair cutter?  I ask you to forgive my ill emotions beucase I now know the holder of the responsibility has to be the responsible one and I have to be the mental insane one for this game to work. I ask you again . to help me beat my dad................ help me win my home.  do you know that's a win to get away from them and have money more then I have now?  I showed you the car. how I worked in my mind as much as I could struggled with communicating with him about that.  peace to love. how about the need to cry at hand in the moment I want. for how is life with the responsible one trapt those unaware.  my paypal trapt by those who have to personal payment myself to receive. the laws of this sickness. I leave then. tonight sleep walk away. don't come back. intill my car is as old as my mustang? make the choice you already know what both or all three lex's will choose. and jeff and viv. I am aiming for action. for I remember my military  commander job. assiassin job, all the body technology affiliaction. the advanced life aspects. and they now control all that they possibility can and trapt me into. the years million lingering on. to me having to penny pintch my way to no where. understand. im sorry.   still when I look for gifts of the old. I receive no action. and ofcourse I rmember the rules only if you want to.... if not there is no action. or force. think wisly. the plan of restriction to my name n money for that means the wise knowledge of being able to leave. or buy something that belongs to them in whole aspect.   be honest on how military are allways watching...  and be wise. for I am planning on leaving if I can not get action now in paypal form. from the whom ever is incharge of this master blockcade.. understand?

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