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At the worse state ever!
Hi there!

Thank you for taking time to read and help.

I am from Africa and am a at the point of being thrown out because of rent. I am not jobless. No! I have an income but that is too small to take care of my family. My dad left me with siblings. Over the years, I and my elder sister have provided for their educational needs. 

Raising them up led us to getting into so many debts that stand out now at  $10500. They have graduated from the university but the employment situation of Cameroon is so bad that none of them has secured a job. 

I am broke. The people I owe are on my throat. I am constantly on the run. My landlord is waiting for $950 of accumulated rents. I had promised him I will pay by the end of this month. How will I do that? I have no idea.

Getting out of these numerous debts will be the best thing that has ever happened to me. With no debt, my salary though very small, will carry me along.

Anything will be the most welcome!

PayPal accepts no payment of money to most African countries. I do have a Payonner account. It is

Thanks a ton for your help

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