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Tired of been Homeless
Homeless is something I don't wish on anyone. Myself has been homeless for over 2 years and I'm just really tired of been tired all the time. My journey start out as sleeping on the floor of the shelter for about 6 months  in my home town to sleeping in a women shelter for about a year. Now for about 6 months I'm resting at transtional shelter for women. When I start my homeless journey I was not clean at all. I really liked my drugs and alchoal. Now I'm can say I have been clean and sober for over a year and I like the feeling of been cleaning. I don't have plans to ever go back to that life. Right now, I just need a little help to get back on my feet. I do receive ABD from the state, but $200 does not go far specially when my rent at the shelter is $150. Leaving me with only $47 a month to live on. Anything will help. God Bless You and Thank You.

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