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Absolutely on my face
2016 was the single most horrible Year I have ever experienced.

The girl I thought I was going to marry cheated on me with her work colleague and everyone in our circle knew before me, and the one person I really don't like told me. Broke my heart. Subsequently, I lost everything. My house, my car, my cat and dog, my job, my self esteem, she absolutely crushed me. Happened 3 days before Christmas Day, I spent it alone in the house I was about to lose - absolutely heartbroken. I gave up everything for this girl, friends + family, should NEVER have done that.

I've never ever been this bad, but right now it feels like life is not even worth living anymore. I thought I had it all set and in one fell swoop, it was all taken from me.

I've decided that I want to start again from the very bottom rather than give up on life. Long story short, I need some help to get back on my feet, is there anyone out there willing to help. Literally, any assistance will be so highly appreciated, even if it's only 10p, just knowing people are out there willing to help absolute strangers is giving me a different type of will.

I am more than willing to work, so if you have any odd jobs or running around doing, please let me know!

I have a target of £1000 so I can rent a room and use the address to get a job quickly. Any help from anyone is so highly appreciated. Thank you for reading up to here.

If you would like to help out via PayPal my donation link is:

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