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Quick Sand
Hi everyone, I am a 57 year old widow, feeling like I am in quicksand, no matter how hard I try to get out I just sink in deeper, I am in dept to my neck, don't have  any savings, because of having to live from paycheck to paycheck, just barely paying my bills, can't get a loan because of my credit scores,  everything I try, fails for example section 8 cant get on waiting list yet until they are open again, FHA mortgage my credit score is to low, and so on and on...I just recently graduated from an online course, but can't even get my diploma because, even though financial aid covered most, I still have a balance to be paid, and in grace period where student loans will soon start, I wish they would have explain, how it would not be easy to get a job in my field if you don't have at least 2 years experience, Despite all my efforts, I will soon be homeless, and on top of all this  my dog of 10 years is very sick, and it hurts me so because, and I can't take him to a dog clinic. I would appreciate any amount that will help me. 

Thanks in advance.

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