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My name is Michael and i am 28 years old and have recently fallen into a rough patch of life. As of right now i have nowhere to live and my vehicle was recently totalled by a person who didnt have insurance so i am fighting trying to get that taken care of and i was laid off from my job a few weeks ago. I am down to no money and dont even have the means to get food for myself at this point. I am Begging for $5000.00 so i can secure housing and a vehicle to get a new job again and get my life back on track but any amount would be greatly appreciated. I am begging you to please find it in your heart to please help me out. thank you so much in advance$MichaelBlythe

I only posted this here because i am in a dire situation and It was taking forever to get my post posted by the moderator in the other sectoin

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