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Get Started - How to request a donation
I'm in need of a little help getting some food. I'm not asking for alot just enough to feed four people also some pets. We have been struggling for a couple months now. I'm currently unemployed. I haven't had something to eat for a few days. I used my last to make sure my fur babies was taking care of. if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it. Please private message me for information on my cash app. Thank you.
As a single father to a four year old son, I know the importance of time management and finances. Always always always—rent, security, food and child care are my priorities.

I’m not here to ask for tips on time management (though, if you are a writer and have some, I will accept them with a very large smile   Big Grin ). Time management; arguably the hardest aspect of becoming a successful author. 

The reason I am here:
I have been without my writings for six months, as they are stored on iCloud (fortunately). My computer died on me awhile back, and I have been trying to save enough funds to replace it, and have been unsuccessful up to this point. Just when I think I am building, something comes up, the latest being an untimely vet bill. We love our cat, so naturally I could never think twice about spending more than I have saved up, on him. I feel fortunate that I make ends meet. I take good care of myself, my son, and our beloved pet. But unfortunately I haven’t any extra.

If there are any successful authors and/or warm, kind people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand, I would gladly accept any form of contribution towards obtaining a new laptop so I can continue to pursue my dream. I’m out of my element asking for help like this. I truly am. As I am sure most people here are. Bless all of you for even taking the time to come to a site like this, to read and to help from the warmest places of your hearts.

You are special people. The kind that this world needs more of.

God Bless.
I made a post but it shows no posts made by me. Did i do something wrong?
Please help me in collecting enough money to pay off my $10,000+ debt. This debt stems from emergency room care at several hospitals, ambulance bill, several surprise bills of over $250 from financial institutions & several other companies, and from the thousands upon thousands owed for student loans to the U.S. Department of Education. I recently received an eviction notice from my landlord too. Please help me with these financial debts I beg of you. The money you send me will bring improvement to my current financial debts; I could then pay them off (and I certainly will as long as I can get enough donations to do so). I could even use the money to pay for the rest of the tuition to complete my Bachelor's degree program; I only have a few courses left to obtain it but, these financial debts are in the way. Maybe the money amount you give could have enough for me to continue my education and begin a Masters or Doctorate degree program.

Please donate whatever you can; any amount can help. I AM hoping that enough people donate to me like $10, $20 or more so I can solve my current financial debt, become a brighter student, possibly secure my financial future, and just improve my overall life for the better. My username is WillPayItForward because that is exactly what I will do if I receive the help [since the help I do receive I will use for improving my life (especially financially)]. With your monetary contribution to my worthy cause, I would better position myself to fund someone else's education or just to help them pay off their financial debts in medical expenses. I will put the photo proof in the near future of me helping someone; I could help several individuals in the near future and [if] whoever [I pay it forward to] allows me to post the photo evidence I will edit this post to show. If you donate in huge sums, thank you so much!!! Thanks in advance to everyone contributing any amount of money to help me through this.

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Nadineo88, nice post. I might just do that. However, please tell me how you were able to post your link activated. I would like to do the same for my urgent post but, I do not know how. How can I post my link on this site in the same way?
I’m drained does it ever stop I have started my own business sat day and night uploading I’m not a lazy person but in the meantime universal credit is not getting us by I can’t afgord to eat most days my website needs a lot of work all take so miney which I just don’t have it’s xmas I have no money next year probably Ben the sameness this year hasn’t been hell and I am at rock bottom depressed can’t s see way I wrote my car off 11 weeks ago noway to replace it at all child has to walk a fair way to school no going anywhere else. Xmas is cancelled this year just don’t know own what to do for the best anymore if anybody out there could help I’d be soo grateful PayPal is
I'm in dire straits and my family is desperate for money. We need to pay the utility bill
in just a few days and are two hundred dollars short. 

To donate to this cause:

I am desperately trying to save a trip for myself and my son to join the rest of my family for Christmas.  I need to come up with $900 by next Saturday 12/21.  This is something that I have planned as a gift for my son, as we have not been able to do anything special for Christmas in years and are always left out due to financial difficulties.  It would mean so much if I can make this happen.  Anything that can be contributed will be greatly appreciated.
Hi my name is Jade and I’m just starting out on my own. At first I was doing okay but then I was laid off from my job because of budget cuts. Now I’m in the hunt of searching for a new job but it isn’t going so well. Sadly to make it worse I managed to put myself in credit card debt of almost $350. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way that I have to manage my spending and watch my account more closely. Honestly I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get a job really soon because I’m scared of the debt collectors. If someone were to be kind and help me out even with just $10 I’d be so grateful!! Thank you for you time everyone. 

If you’re willing to help my PayPal is http://PayPal.Me/JadeAdoree or my cashapp is $JadeAdoree
Struggling to get by each day, long drive to get to food banks etc---need money for bills and celebrating a Christmas in February? Could not afford to celebrate Christmas.

To donate:
Hi my name is Angel Onate, I don't like ask for money, I think that with hard work you can reach everything in life no matter where you born, but this moment i want to give you the opportunity to be part of my life and my project.
I am mechanical Enginner and have my own business, an Automatic Car Washer, but in this moment the business isn't produce enough, I try to keep aflote but the money don't reach me, by the way My wife give a handsome baby and I need help for buy all necessary to him, milk, diapers etc.
I really thank you if you reach here, I appreciate your time and if you want to help me

I need 3000 Usd but with 1000 I can cover the urgent
Here is my PayPal me
[Image: IMG-20200207-WA0026.jpg][Image: IMG-20190911-WA0014.jpg]

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