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Miami Beaches - black55 - 04-06-2021

Beach holidays in Miami are fully compatible with urban entertainment. There are a lot of beaches in Miami. All of them are interesting. From the hotels, you can get there for free only by bus.

Miami Beach is partially connected to the city by metro, you can take a taxi. The environment is skyscrapers. Next to it is a bay with a beautiful view.

RE: Miami Beaches - Muller - 04-06-2021

I've been to Miami three times already, and each time I've found it more and more interesting.

RE: Miami Beaches - arko2 - 04-06-2021

I had a great time there! My friends and I could relax and go wherever we wanted. We rented a car for ourselves in advance at the address On this platform, it is very convenient to view offers from different companies, compare prices and choose the most suitable option for yourself.